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Monday, October 13, 2003


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ABC. That reminds me of telling the answers of the objective question paper to my students.

A : Apple
B : Ball
C : Cat

and of course

D : Donkey


assalamualaikum uncle adib..
so u've changed your 'port' :) hehe..i'm behind time indeed..
been an avid reader of The Reader and will continue so.. :) for the sake of the brilliant, thought-provoking contents..
terima kasih byk2 di atas 'pengalaman' yg diberikan thro' your writings..i've learned a lot..i've learned how to live..i've learned life :)

'ABC' took me down the memory lane where my frens n i used to enjoy this skipping game while we were kiddies:

"rumah terbakar panggil bomba..
bomba datang berlumba-lumba..
A-Awak! B-Budak! C-Cantik!
Awak Budak Cantik.."



How about E and F?

Thanks for reading my blog.I am glad to know that you have learnt something about life; but let me assure you that learning will continue as long as we live..Many lived but never learn:-(

Let me quote from my RAM " If you are tired of London,then you are tired of Life".Looking at the pictures and reading your blog posting, I am quite sure that you are enjoying your life,young lady.Of course,sometimes all of us have our bad days.In that case,just go to Portabello Rd, buy a cuppucino and just walk around. I love the place..the sight, the sound and the smell;-)

Btw, I was in London,Keswick,LLangollen and Paris the first ten days of September,2003.

Great site. I like your photos and everything else too.

see whether i can still remember this...

Abu Bakar Curi Duit Emak Fikir Gaji Hari Ikut Jalan Kuala Lumpur Makan Nasi Orang Putih Queen Rasa Sangat Tahu...errr, arghhhhhh... just can't recall the rest :D

Ahahaha!! You guys are funny!!

The only thing I can think off ABC right now is air batu campur....alamakk dah pkl 2pagi pun lapar ke aku ni!!!

Great photos...mind if I use it for a video? Non-commercial reasons..Wsalam

May I know what photos are that of interest to you?

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