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Friday, August 22, 2003


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Apa pendapat Abedib tentang gejala murtad yang berleluasa sekarang ni? Have you seen this site -
Sebenarnye, saya sangat takut baca cerita2 macam tu ... Na'u zubillahi min zaalik ...
Membesarkan serta mendidik anak-anak dalam tempoh akhir zaman ni, memang sungguh mencabar.
Ya Allah, semoga kami sekeluarga akan terus menerima cahaya taufik dan hidayahMu - tetapkanlah Iman kami dan semoga kami mati dengan cahaya keimananMu ... Amin.

Ummi ZAR,
I have seen the website and have confirmed with certain people in the relevant govt. dept that some Malays have converted to other religions. Personally, I have listened to the confession of a father who has 'lost' his daughter because she has chosen to marry a Malaysian Christian.

Remember the case of Aishah a few years back? Here is the URL of a short note that I wrote on 7th Feb., 1998 about murtad.

I hope it answers some of your questions.

Pak Adib,
Although I've read so many emails and websites with regards to the murtad issue, it disturbed me nonetheless when I read your short note. That is why I'm truly happy when I found out that one of my friend is interested in Islam. Hopefully she'll make that conversion on her own choice, and not because to be with me =)

On a side note, I find your blog very interesting and as Kew mentioned, you "have painted a very positive picture of muslims". I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog and hope that you'll continue sharing with us your knowledge and experiences.


Thank you very much Lunaz for reading my blog. I am glad and grateful to Allah swt that you found my blog of some benefits to you.

I am happy to note that you friend is interetsed in Islam.Please guide her all the way- all of us need quidance.Allah said: "There is no complusion in religion". But once we are muslims, we HAVE to submit. That is the meaning of Islam, but alas many muslims disobeyed...

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