One-Line Bio

A corporate refugee who has been there and done that. Now,I am back to school-learning and teaching at the same time.


Graduated from Sheffield University,England in 1976.Retired from active business operation since September,2002.

Engineer by training, project management consultant and teacher by choice and a corporate refugee by default.Now, back to school to study management and religion.

To pay his bills, he teaches and provides consultancy in project management.

Why I write?

There are many reasons why people write.Everyone has his/her reasons.In fact,those who don't write have their own reasons too,however we can't read them-they never write;-((.

I write to express my views and feeling toward certain issues or events that I feel important for me to record and to tell others about it.My views are not necessarily right, however it is a view from my window.Please check with others' windows as well.It is also an avenue for me to release my feeling/ emotions.It is mainly for me,but if others can share and benefit from my writings,why not.

I also write on something that I like or enjoy-like reading,mathematics and cycling.Taking advice from the guru,I will focus on something that I know(actually only God really knows),my personal experience and also about my culture.It may appear to be mine,but actually it belonged and shared by others as well.

Since I am new to this part of the world,please accept my apologies if I happen to step on any body's toes.In trying to get the feel of the place,I may touch on sensitive parts.In that case,please sound the alarm!

And according to Ernest Hemingway,"We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master".

If indeed there is no masters,may I ask the older pupils to lead me the way.


reading, blogging, walking and cycling(quite often) etc.And always carries an iPad and a Moleskine notebook wherever he goes..