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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


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Salam. In public places, I am ok, but there needs to be warning signs that there is surveillance and there needs to be strict procedures and policies in place with regard to the surveillance material. A lot of times, the "watchers" are untrained in protocol as well as unaware of the privacy rights of citizens. Education on the rights to privacy for the rakyat also needs to be undertaken, and laws to be in place. And the question, who watches the watchers Pak Adib, and for how long will surveilled material be stored? Surveillance is intrusive so the proper protocols and training - for both sides - and legal protection are sorely needed. Surveillance material should be regarded as extremely sensitive and confidential and accessible only to authorised personnel.

I strongly believe there should be warning signs wherever cameras are
Placed so that citizens, women especially who are
Prone to be victims of callous and cruel males, will take the necessary precautions before doing personal intimate stuff like adjusting clothing, etc when try feel No one is watching.

My two bits, and Eid Mubarak to you and family.

You are right. I totally agree with you!

Wassalam Eliza and Azizi:Eid Mubarak.Thanks for your feedback.

Abedib, even at some Masjid there are signs "Masjid ini dilengkapi CCTV. Anda sedang diperhatikan."

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