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Tuesday, August 03, 2010


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I remember when I was small my Mak Uteh used to tell us stories from a very thick, green covered book. It was the Hikayat Hang Tuah. My brothers and I used to listen with jaws dropped in fascination to stories of the five heroes.

It was great then!
My question :

Do we time to tell stories to our kids nowadays?

Reading books (=stories) is really a great way to escape from this sometimes very distressing world. And how great stories there are available. Recently I've been reading Tom Neale's An Island to Oneself, dreaming that if only I could do what he did but knowing I have not those skills to survive without food shops. Anyway I'm happy he did it and even wrote a book for us to read about his experiences of living on a remote island.
When I'm babysitting my nieces and nephews, we use to read fairy-tales in the evening. That is, I read and the kids try to be as near me and the book as possible to see the illustration of the book. A very nice way to end the day: feeling safe sitting close to your siblings and listening to a good story.

Thanks for your kind feedback Marja:-)
Nowadays,stories are being told via blogs,facebooks and twitters.Slowly and surely we will lose the arts and enjoyments from traditional story telling like the yesteryears...

Stories are indeed powerful no matter if you're a company, parent, or just talking to a friend. Some stories are powerful in the wrong way...they put you to sleep zzzzz.

Others are powerful in a good way and inspire you to great heights as a person. I think in many ways we are all remembered by our stories :)

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