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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


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Cziplee has the money, interest and motivation.

Kudos to the founders for allowing the second generation such a free hand in expanding the business...

And to think their original shop was in Kajang.



There is a CzipLee in Kajang too where I usually go to buy my childrens' text books. Obviously this one in Bangsar is more upmarket

I agreed with your view.Kudos to the first generation!
Cziplee has two shops in Bangsar-one for everyday stationery but the Cziplee Plus is more like a boutique stationery shop.

You make me want to start 'moleskining' again! thanks:-) ....though i havent start on the sketching,drawing,water coloring etc...dont know where to start laa......

Do the easy thing first.That was how I got started.In my case,I sketched my bookshelf,my mobile phone,the vase of flower on my dining table etc.

Cool reminder, Pak Adib. My friend and I traipsed around Curve and Borders to look for the moleskine cahiers (black) for me, with no luck. Will make a visit to Cziplee which Chet also recommended.

I suggest blue volant or mini moleskine and they come in colours.

thanks for your infomation pls visit my blog for moleskine sketch and others.

Thanks Amin for leaving a note at my blog.I have visited your very creative blog.Those are beautiful sketches!!!How I wish I can draw like you.I am an engineer by training but I love arts.We shared the same art icon Allahyarham Ibraim Hussein.Btw,I subscribed to your blog by the name of Berisman.

yes...perhaps i should that first,...thanks!

Abedib, I thought you know about this outlet. I went there last two Fridays. Very upmarket.

I knew it was being set up but I got the news that it is open.When I knew,I took more than two weeks later to visit the outlet.

Oh,oh I must go there! I have this fetish with stationery!

You are not alone...
I have a few blank notebooks I bought but not utilised yet.

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