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Friday, May 15, 2009


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Alhamdulillah, terima kasih.. I used to think of getting one guru but your sharing of knowledge helps somehow. T.kasih skali lagi. Moga dipanjangkan umur agar dapat dipanjangkan lagi ibadah Pak Adib.

Thank you Lin for your du'a.When a few of my friends have passed away or fell sick with chronic diseases and I am moderately healthy,I 'sujud syukur' to my Lord for His rahmah to keep on extending my life and maintaining my health that would enables me to keep on adding my ubudiyyah to whatever little I have accumulated over years,insyaAllah.My tazkirah every Friday in this blog is actually a form of my gratitude to Him and a sedakah fi sabilillah.May Allah swt accept my humble little efforts..

InsyAllah the Lord hears your prayer, we hv to also workout our health besides du'a. I am grateful I found this blog. At least when i am busy, i can just drop by to get some knowledge every Friday. Salam Pak Adib, may the best be upon you.

saya sendiri amat takut apabila fikir ttg mati. tapi entah mengapa saya manusai yg leka selalu tingal solat asyek memikirkan penat. cari duit utk byar utang saya yg byak, takut mati xsmpat byar utang yg mana selalu wat saya jadi pening?????

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