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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


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i try to bring a bottle of water everywhere too. that's why my handbag is big. :)
when i was young, my mum made sure that in every trip we are in, bottles of water were brought along. :p
but once in a while i splurge on a drink anyway. can't help myself. :)

Pak Adib should have gone down to the Cold Storage supermarket downstairs where there are a variety of mineral water are available.
Anyway console yourself that a bottle of mineral water on Air Asia flights costs more than RM1.70

Thanks for the tips PokKu.My mind was not working when I was angry:-(
Btw,i complained to Dato Fahmi Rejab about high cost of mineral water on AirAsia.He replied in a jest:tempat tinggi,harga juga tinggi.
I rest my case.Next time,bring my own water.

Pak Adib - looking at the title of the blog post and at the picture of the water bottles, I thought the water bottles in the picture are now selling for RM1.70 each. So I read your post to find out which shop is selling the bottles, only to find it wasn't what I deduced from putting title and picture together.

Yes I remember that bottle on the far left. Only platinum card holders can afford it. ;-)

You must bring it wherever you go because the payback period is very, VERY long! btw, have you achieved its break even point? :)

That golden brown metallic bottle is also for my personal collection.The plastic water bottle will be gone in a few years from now, but I believe this metallic one will last very much longer even when I am not around anymore.It is Swiss engineered bottle.

Something I bought for my use, but a few I bought for me and for my next generation.If my Swiss water bottle could last until my first grand kid goes to school with it, then it's paid in full.

The bottle has reached its breakeven point when someone asked me where to get one for himself a few days ago.I told him, try Isetan,KLCC if it is still available.

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