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Thursday, March 05, 2009


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Helvetica.. translated FROM SWISS..

my most FAVOURITE font hehehe ;)

i love the notebook u gave me.. i finished using it. and moved on to a few.... cough cough.. moleskines.. hehe.

am using it for my daily class notes and also my personal reflections :)

how does the Helvetica notebook fair?

Helvetica notebook is the same as the classic notebook except the covers.It is just a collector's item,IMHO.

I am glad that you have 'graduated' to moleskine;-)

Aliff tutup dua-dua belah mata he!he!
I did the same thing-close one and shut the other;-)

Asalkan hati masih terbuka ... he,he



I have started a new Blog specifically for religous thoughts, findings, searchings. My first post is the same post on al Fatihah I posted on Vox before.. just for starter. I have some materials from my old debate with the Anti Hadith, worth documenting on my own blog.

That is very good of you to do that so that others can benefit.InsyaAllah,I will be your regular visitor.

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