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Monday, December 08, 2008


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Pak Adib, is that a Bailey bridge in the picture from theStar ? i may be wrong but i thought those were Quick Launch Bridges which the Army use. They fold flat for easy use and expand outwards for bridging excercises. This saves time etc. If it were a Bailey bridge it would be heavilly trussed no ?


Actually there is a Bailey Bridge right in Seremban town. The bridge where the Seremban - Port Dickson road (Federal Route 53) crosses the Seremban - Tampin road (Federal Route 1)is a Bailey Bridge. Many in Seremban do not realise this.

Yes, you are right.The photo was from the Star used by the Army.The real Bailey bridge that I used when I was in JKR is made of rectangular trussed steel structures.They come in modular form for easy assembly and transportation.

very nice stuffs. this is the thing that they use in war for bridges ? cool

Yes,they used this thing in war.

Salam Pak Adid.. im an Ex Sapper , the Star quot a wrong bridge for the pic. Its not a bailey bridge that unit is a MGB.. Medium Girder Bridge ..

Wassalam Ridzuan,thanks for your kind feedback.

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