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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


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abe dib,
ambo lamo doh dok keleh2 eeepc ni, terliur nok akak so. lagu mano verdict abe dib, molek ko?

Hi PakAdib,
I think shopping complex more interested in commercial side. I noticed that Sunway Piramid has the wifi thingy too but it is provided by independent company (Packet One if I'm not mistaken) and free trial access for a year. Then you have to pay.

Hi Aandes,
Thank for your feedback.I checked Packet One charges RM99 a month.I am using using DiGi dataline unlimited for RM60.


As far as they are concerned...if they can pass the cost to others...

btw we got the brochure from P1 3mths back. I noticed P1 early subscribers were restaurants. I went through their list on the web... most of them are eateries. The WiMAX current offers are great! It's just the coverage that we have to wait...

Wifi is a crowd puller but the negative side is a few of your patrons may stay too long and deny seats to others.

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