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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


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Pak Adib,

you'll be surprised to know that SONY copywriters and Creative directors earn a 6 digit gaji a month!! in pounds pulak tu :) hahaha

InsyaALLAH ill be working towards the creative direction and copywriting side of advertising :) pray for me!


Then I am in the wrong business being an engineer;-)
Go ahead young man!My prayers for you:-)

Adib, the good shoes are indeed called angkor wat explorer, the bad ones are ankle wart explorer!! hahaha

I am a staunch supporter of hush puppies and have not changed brand for as long as I can remember.

Thanks Gabra. my sandals are Hush puppies.Nice and comfortable:-)

Hahahah thank u pak adib. :)

insyaallah ill do well in my studies and work :D

do keep a look out on my blog for updates on work and etc. :)


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