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Sunday, January 27, 2008


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a nice view of things. notebooks: they're a good thing.

now you need one of those garmin edge 305HR + GPS.
just another gadget while you riding

Pak Adib,
The brake assembly for your bicycle isn't just a brake but also contains the gear lever to the fron sprocket driving the chain to turn the rear wheel (This being on the left side). It must have taken the designers and engineers alot of effort to come up with such a design to allow riders to change gears without having to take away their hand from the handle bars. Its just like the F1 cars where gear changes are made with the twitch of a finger.

Thank you Poetryman69 for your comments.

For the moment,I am using my GarminMap 60CSx.

This is old design (for the gear, I mean). Newer design have the gear assembled with the handle, so you operate the gear just like a motorcycle.

Salams AbeDib & friends...been a long while since I wrote any comments here (Sorry AbeDib!)

Nice rigs!! Trek 3700 wohooo...vee-brakes & rapidfire shifters from Shimanos are great! Helmet apa AbeDib? Giro? Cratoni?
Front shocks Sr SunTour ke AbeDib? Ok ke? I used to have tripleclamp Rock-shox imitation on my FS-Alu MuddyFox (also immitation!!) yg dah bertahun berkarat!!
My kid bro (SDARA!) uses Schwinn (Hardtail) and I think he has an AnswerManitou lying around....
Yeah simplicity is the best....and I could not agree more on the iPod design...I just love my iPod Touch....good for calendaring, contacts, photo album & light surfing...oh and the iTunes of course!
Remember those years of beamfeast AbDib?! HEheeh!! Skrg ni paper based note books kinda work better especially when there are just too many process flow & thinking flow sketches and strategic concepts to jot down...unless we can have an A4 sized screen that never runs out of battery and not prone to viral infection ( AbeDib dah book MacBook Air???!!)

Thanks Khairil for your comments.
You can see a few shots of my bike/accessories here:
My PDA now had changed from digital to analogue-i.e a moleskine note;-)
Want to see the photos?Look here:

Salams AbeDib....
You just "influenced" me to purchase something that I have always wanted....yep! I just bought (noe even 10min ago!) the same fountain pen you have been using, the LAMY!

Welcome to The Club of Lamy Pens!
Btw, Bubba has a good collection of many types of pens..
Check this:

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