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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


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Salam Mr Adib,

It's been some time I dropped a comment in your blog :) I am one of the people who enjoy train rides, especially travelling in sleep coach. It is more comfortable than taking economy long-distance flight because we can lie down flat on the bed bunk and get a good, restful journey!

Plus, the jostlings of the train as it speeds by lull me to sleep and remind me of the time long ago when I was a toddler in the net cradle as my mother rocked me to sleep. Ah, the peace I feel when travelling in a train...

Great write up abedib. I really like this kinda travel log. Takde roti bakar pic ke?

I agree with your views.On the way,I slept like a baby all the way until Seremban.
I had my breakfast at KL Sentral on the way to JB and returned with Senandung Malam and slept all the way.Only my Garmin GPS is alive to record the journey and I managed to record the track and major stations on the way to JB with Sinaran Pagi.No chance for roti bakar and kpoi kaw:-)

assalamualaikum again abedib

check this out -

Wassalam KNizam,
Thank you very much for the link. I have just registered myself under the name of berisman.

Dear All,
You can view the tracks of his journey at

Why 55 kk/h at certain stretches? Why can't the average speed raised to 130 km/h?

The railway line alignment,geometry and conditions do not permit higher speed at some stretches.To get 130km/hr average, I think we need to upgrade to the whole railway network and system.That cost billions!

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