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Sunday, April 22, 2007


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God has stated in surah al-alaq (96:4): Who has taught ( the writing) by the pen.

The pen may represent not just literally but also in any form of something that help to transform the words into writing like a keyboard, and so on. Words, written or spoken are still rendered stronger than the sword. Look at how scary a blog cud be to certain authorities and it is of course is made up of words and pictures.

Btw, pak adib, do u also collect those posh pens like mont blanc? When i was standard four, i got a pair of a silver mechanical pencil and a pen both embossed with my name as a present for getting the top student of all the standard four classes. I think i still keep them somewhere along with my old safekeeps from my primary n secondary school days.

Thank you Manal for giving the correct 'tafseer' of the last paragraph of my posting.

Oh yes,I do keep one Mont Blanc pen I bought during my corporate days..but it leaks all the time.So,I keep it some where as a souvenier.

Asm Dib, Im commenting from my Nokia, good eh? I remember owning a dunhill pen, a present from someone. I just love its smooth clear write but alas a nephew use it as a dart to test its claimed nib. Its smoothness of flow suffered greatly and I could not get it to its former state. You can imagine how I felt..

Hi brother adib, I have always been a writer (meaning always writen everything down), but i have stopped for a while now as i settle down into the mundane day to day running of life. I often found my hand itching to write as words flood my brain finding a means to get itself onto some medium, paper or the screen, or wall..anything. Now you have inspired me to go anywhere and everywhere, brandished with a notebook and pen, so i that am in agreement with the words that rebel to come out..Thanks to you ..and nice pictures too :-)

I am very happy indeed that my postings have inspired you to write.We couldnot put everything in our blog but we can write anything in our personal journal.You can read my previous posting regarding this subject here:

I loves collecting pen. I love everything related to bookstores. I myself bought loads of pen and in the end didn't use them.I love reading your blog and tried to create my own but I don't the creativity. My mind keep on running with all the words but none of it comes out.

Thank you for reading my blog.
If you love collecting pens,why not write about them.May I suggest you visit It has ready templates for you to pick and choose.You don't have to write much-just upload the photo of your pen and write a few sentences about it.

For my hobbies, I have a blog at

Salam Adib, just like to throw more frost on the snow. At one time, I was very anti ball pens, but as modernity caught up, i surrender meekly and lost most of my fountain pens.

Since the arrival of computer, I suffer another defeat. My olivetti and brother electric typewriter became dinosaurs. Why, since written text/words cannot be stored, corrected and retrieved for future use, it was like our hardcopy old tattered diaries. Full of nostalgic notes but must be retyped to be posted in our generous free blogs now.
So we end with this old poem:

Saudara baru terjaga
sebiji padi semusim haji
tujuh lautan tak mencukupi
menulis tinta kalam Ilahi

aku bukan rumi atau fansuri
tapi murid kerdil dr.anqaravi
dikaki gunung fuji miyazaki
mengaji haiku zen satori..
tanpa pena tanpa dakwat biru

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