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Saturday, March 31, 2007


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Dear Adib and friends, we also blessed by Allah to celebrate the Mawlidur rasul last week 31 Mac 2007 at the new blue al-Bukhari Mosque rebuilt from old waqaf land near Jalan Hang Tuah or infront of Victoria Institution. Here are the teacups news for the curious:

Maulid Celebration With Rais Abu Bakr Rieger at The New Masjid al-Bukhari of Kuala Lumpur 31 Mac 2007

We thank Allah Tabaraka wa Taala for the gift of Islam through His Noble Messenger and the Companions who embodied it, polished it , taught, transmit and struggle/fight to spread this Light to the East and West.

We are honored to be present at the maulid gathering organized by Amir of Kuala Lumpur for all Malaysian fuqara some from Penang, Kedah, Johor, Port Klang and four special guests. One is our dedicated Rais Abu Rieger from Germany also the chief editor of Islamic Zietung weekly paper, President of Muslim Lawyers of Europe. Accompanying him are Amir Abdus Samad Nana of Cape Town.

Then we unexpectedly welcome Amir Ahmad Angka Permadi Wijaya from Tanjung Pinang, Kepulauan Riau and the kindhearted wife Ibu Dr.Yeni. Bapak Sultan Huzrin Hood ex-chief governor of Kepri Riau was supposed to be with us tonight but his vehicle broke down when traveling from Johor. May Allah be kind to him and enable him to arrive tomorrow to finish his great business and task with Rais Abu Bakr Rieger. He already broke the sensory barrier when giving bayat to our Rais while still in the Cipinang Bandung prison in 2004 due to his dynamic struggle for autonomy of Riau Province during Megawati rule.

All praise to Allah, we were instructed to come early before Magrib to the newly built mosque beautifully blue colored and renovated from old waqaf land by the generous funding from Al-Bukhari Foundation. After greeting, salam and many embraces among the fuqara who have not met each other from North, South and Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur, we recited the Surah Waqiah and Asmaul Husna from the Diwan of Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib which took about 20 minutes. Zoom..just nicely ended before the azan of Maghrib.

With prior permission and blessing of the caretaker of al-Bukhari mosque and accompanied by the Imam, more than 40 fuqara, wives and children and other guests were joining the recitation of Miftah al-Wird. Navigated by Muqaddim Sidi Shamsudin and later we sang the Qasidah Shamail from Diwan of Sh.Muhammad ibn alHabib in praising and blessing our Prophet remembering his mauled, the greatest gift of Allah as mercy and light to heaven and earth, jins, mankind and angels. Many hearts were moved, soften and tears and love were awaken for those who heard and absorbed the zikir, jalal, doa and glorification that pour out from the gathering. After Isyak prayer we continue with the Burdah of Shaykh Busiri.

At the end of the session, in an irresistible moment, suddenly Rais Abu Bakr Rieger took the mike and gave a short rousing speech, thanking Allah for his presence tonight. Thanking Allah for the amazing work of dawa by Shaykh Abdal Qadir as-Sufi that continued and spread wider by his noble fuqara and murid in the Nusantara.

He made doa that may Allah blessed this country with great, sincere and strong muslim leaders, raising up the true ulama and banner of Islam. He remind us only to rely on Allah Taala, to recognize His power and command, to honor/exalt,eagerly learn and obey the Shuyukh and Awliya. We ask Allah to bless our teacher and gave him the best people and resource for acting fisabililah. Amir Pak Angka of Riau was also requested to give a short speech on the murabitun community and da’wa works in Indonesia which now got ribats in medan, Jakarta, bandung and tanjung pinang.

Muqadim Sidi Shamsuddin gave a keynote discourse on as-Shifa of Qadi Iyad. He said: ‘ Our tawhid or shahada is not complete without ..Muhammadun Rasulullah. This is the key, after Quran, we took on, imitate, honor and fulfill all the rights due to Rasul s.a.w, adhering and embodiment of his Sunna, living wisdom and life transaction. Also the sunna of Companions may Allah be pleased with them because they absorbed it , the best transmitters and true inheritors among the early generations of ulama, salihun and awliya. Say if you love Allah, the follow the Rasul. You will be loved by Allah.

What is this love if not based on real knowledge of islam, of taqwa and pure sincerity that give furqan/discrimination to the muminun. By taqwa, false and haqq became clear. Separation is sharia. Following the rules, halal and haram is furqan. Ibadah or worship is also furqan plus deep wisdom and marifa. Those modernists who against Mawlid Celebration of the Prophet, against the Burdah and praise/salawat upon Rasul s.a.w are missing this point. Where are their love. Politics and economic alone cannot solve our dunya problems and conflicts.

We end our notes today with doa from Diwan of our blessed great Master:

O Allah, bless our master Muhammad, Your slave and Messenger, the unlettered Prophet and his family and Companions and grant them peace as great as the number of
Your creations and Your pleasure and the weight of Your throne and
The inks of Your words.

Fill our hearts with the lights of Your marifa
So that we may witness Your all Sustaining Gatheredness overflowing in all created things.

O Allah, open our inner eyes to your watching and contemplation through Your generosity and overflowing, and illuminate our secrets to the tajalliyyat of Your Names and Attributes through Your gentleness and nobility
And annihilate us to our metaphorical existence in Your real existence through Your forbearance and favour.

And make us have baqa-going on by You, not by us, preserving Your Sharia and the Sunna of Your Prophet. You have power over everything and answering becomes You.

The blessed Mawlid of Malaysia and Riau fuqara recorded for posterity with many thanks and embraces before parting are as below:

Rais Haji Abu Bakar Rieger of Germany
Amir Abdas Samad Nana of South Africa
Amir Pak Ahmad Angkawijaya of Riau Islands Province of Indonesia and wife Dr.Ibu Yeni
Amir Dr.Hj.Zuhaimy of UTM Johor
Wife Dr.Wan Aini UTM
Amir Dr. hj. Hakimi of USM Penang
Wife Dr.Norizan USM and Sakinah
Amir Zahari of Kuala Lumpur and wife Sharifa
Muqadim Sidi Hj.Shamsudin of Klang
Muqadim Sidi Hj.Dimyati
Haji Umar Azmun, Nurul Haqq
Sidi Syed Anwar al-Banna
Sidi Hj. Abdal Rahim of Uniten
Sidi Syukri Yeoh of UKM
Dr.Salmah Ahmad UKM
Sidi Mazli and wife
Sidi Aziz Jamal, Melaka

Sidi Muzammir Idris
Sidi Hakim Sg.Petani
Sidi Ali ,Sidi Mahyudin
Sidi Ustaz Rafidi, Kulim
Sidi Muhammad Hakimi and wife
Sidi Nashrudin, Seremban
Sidi Abu Bakar and Yusuf ibn Zahari
Sidi Imam of Bukhari Mosque
Sidi Zahimi , Damansara
Sidi Hj.Wan Izni and wife
Sidi Baharudin, Khairudin, Siron of P.Klang
Sidi Haris, Shah Alam

And some others cant remember all names but their presence and zikr are felt.

Assalamualaikum Abuzuhri,
Thanks for sharing your experience in my blog comment.For those who were against the celebration of Maulidur Rasul,our tasawu teacher asked them to read ayat 81,Surah AliImran and understand the meaning of that ayat.

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