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Monday, June 19, 2006


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Indeed. Personal journal is our own best friend. It will push you up when you're down and pull you down when you forget to touch the ground. When in need, the best person to count on is your own self.

hhmmm..maybe i should do this writing journal. sometimes when i lotsa things in my mind but the pc it's not in front of, i'm depending on my mental note which is not veyr good..then when i'm at the pc..i go blank..

A notebook is very convenient to write any where.Even though I have my PDA,it is more convenient and faster to write in a notebook.On top of it,it will not run out of battery;-)

Tiba - tiba rasa rajin nak buat 'to do list' bila dah ada Moleskine Notebook :-)

Have a nice day Pak Adib..

I guess it is the moleskine that motivates you to write;-)
It also happened to me.

salam pak adib, where to get this moleskin notebook?mph?

Wassalam Nazri,
In KL,you can get at The Borders Bookshops(@The Curve or Berjaya Times Sq).Before you go, please call to check the stock availability.A week a go I bought two copies for my friends at The Curve.These notebooks are in short supply.

In Singapore, you can get at Kinokuniya.

MPH/Kinokuniya KL do not sell Moleskine.

Here is the link to what people said about moleskine notebooks.

Abedib, thanks for introducing the moleskine to me. It was really love at my first sight and i am beginning to write (and draw) again. Since I hv just quit smoking 11 days ago (he he he)...i think i can afford moleskines throughout my life.

hello, i'm spamilka

Thx! :)

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