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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


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Welcome to the club. Timberland. Sooo comfortable but i guess my leg now is too expensive, one cost RM200 :) Both, RM 400.

ohh..yes pak adib..comfortable is priority now..but somehow the expensive ones are the comfortable ones..camner yee?? i indeed bought myself a hush puppies sandal at 30% discount..

Memang gitu lah Mas.Yang selesa tu mahal sikit;sebab tu saya tunggu sales.

My other choices are Camel Active and Clark.

Salams AbeDib & friends,

Wahh! Timberland!! Good choice AbeDib!
I have always been choosy when it comes to footwear, sebab tu la saya tak banyak kasut, yang ada tu pun memang tahan bertahun.
Buying during sales and promo is the best was to get the good ones at much less costs.
Kalau Abedib nak tahu kedai sebelah Kino KLCC tu bila time sale you can get very very good deal...I got my sandals (lasak, to replace the last one that lasted me more than 3 years) andhalf the actual price...Rockport all weather leather at Rm150++.
But be very careful when buying Rockport, sebab mostly memang guna kulit kerbau pendek at least untuk lining dia.

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