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Sunday, June 18, 2006


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That Sir Leigh Teabing is English? Naturally one who is used to english ways/dry humours would simply find it "accustomed" to anglicised things. RL is a harvard professor who has spent more than half of his life in Harvard. Thus, it would be an insult to a Harvard scholar to forget the university's roots and history. Sir LT is also an old friend of RL who is also an avid researcher on holy grail. Pak Adib, what exactly the type of answer u r looking for? Don't tell me you are getting a bit too engaged in that DVCode story. Or u have been thinking about it a bit too much.

I must admit that I love the novel but not thinking too much about it.The reason I posted these questions because a friend asked me about them.

I just wonder why Sir Teabing needed the 'password'(in the form of Q&A) from Prof RL since they are on the first names basis?Or Sir Teabing wanted to have some fun?

I think you have answered the questions.Sir Leigh Teabing is an English gentleman.

sib baik tak perlu loyar buruk tadi...hehe....

Come to think about it, what would u do if an old friend of yours came knocking your door/buzzing your house in the middle of ungodly hours and sounding would you respond to that? Surely there must be something peculiar going on and one way of keeping yourself composed without sounding too freaked out is by asking that visitor of yours some silly yet sensible questions (or things only you and him knew definitely) to see how much sense could he makes of it just to convince you that he is what/who he is. I'd do the same especially if i hear some familiar sound calling for help or if the person knew me calling from some strange places like graveyard for eg. It's just a game to test how far all this weird encounter makes sense...pasal loyar buruk tu, considering Sir Ian Mckellen who played Sir LT is gay, i probably should just drop it.

So far,I have got the experience of an old came knocking in the middle of the night.If it happens,I would also ask some some questions and look who are with him.Nowadays,you can't never know...better be safe than sorry.

OMG,I forgot my own question.Actually,it is not why Lord teabing asked the questions;it is how Prof RL got his answers?I just wonder why he was asking Sophie Neveu?

sidetracking sikit...

It is indeed the annual regatta season now. 2 weekends ago was Thames Valley Regatta (juz behind my house), and this weekend is Reading Town Regatta. All of these regattas are sort of 'warming up' to the world famous Royal Henley Regatta this coming 28th (until 2nd July). Competing teams, apart from here and europe, come as far as Australia, NZ and USA.

Regatta ni sini, kat south ni je, atas2 sana takde pasal takde sungai yg ngam untuk such kind of boat race.

ler...itu ka ur actual question? Sophie Neveu was sent by her grandpa Jacque Sauniere to England to study her degree at Royal Holloway College while improving her english commands. So she's somehow pretty much got used to english ways. Another possibility is that RL was impressed at SN's cryptology and breaking-code skills, so he was counting on SN's instinct to reconfirm his original thoughts....ok ke pak adib?

I agree and accept your explaination.You answered very well...I think it is because of your personal experience of being educated in England and your knowledge of the story.
Congratulation Manal!

Well, thank you Pak Adib. Sama2 kongsi ilmu.

Answered in the 2nd last para - from his heart...

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