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Thursday, May 18, 2006


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This is the first Brown book that I read and really enjoyed it. I feel that I am actually at the places the way he described them in the book. I am also looking forward to watch the movie. But not at this time when the cinema is jam packed. :-)

Yes MHI.The cinema will be jammed packed.Not to mention the school holidays is just arounf the corner.But,I can't wait...

I love the novel, the conspiracy theory and the pace of the novel. Dan Brown is indeed a good writer.

have yet to read the book..but will definately watch the movie hopefully soon..

Anyone have read one book which is explaining why the da vincci code is totally wrong? One of my friend told me about that but not sure what is the title..

Still reading Da Vincci Code .. and then the book suggested by my friend and then baru tengok movie..

Pinje buku ni dge adik , sebule doh rasonyor.
Tapi baru baca 1st page.
Napok gayo keno prabih baco, b4 g tengok movie .


I gave the movie a perfect ten! A MUST watch.

I read the book in 2004. Took me three months to finish reading. After watching movie, feels like going back to England.

Just wanted to remind you that International Weblogger's Day is coming up on June 14th! Be sure to spread the word.

Thanks once again,

it took me less than two weeks to get the code. ;-) i read the digital version and that made it fast.

do you know that you can get 15% discount on books at Borders via DiGi mobile voucher from 1st April to 30 Jun 2006? Me going again this weekend to get some books for the office library.

I'll be watching the movie this sunday. can't wait longer. :-)

As far as I am concerned ,the book Da Vinci Code is a work of fiction.When it comes to the matters relating Jesus(Nabi Isa Ibn Mariyam),our reference is the Quran and the Sunnah.

Thanks MHI for the tip.I went to The Borders KL and bought the book -Operation Red Jericho.It is worth every ringgit.Btw, I got 15% discount because I am a DiGi subsriber.

So,you can't wait to watch the movie?Welcome to the club;-)I am taking my family to see the movie tomorrow Saturday at 11am.

Napok gayonya gitu lah wei...demo kena baco dulu...then you will enjoy the movie.

Bila filem ini akan ditayang di Ipoh?

You can more review here:,70938-0.html?tw=rss.index

My rating is 8/10.I notice one ommision.What I like is the smart car being driven in Paris.I took the photo of a similar car when I was in Paris a few years ago.It will be posted on my blog tomorrow.I can't go on writing without exposing the story...may be I can continue in two weeks time.

Off the record, check its parody: Va Dinci Cod. So far, i've read all of his books (4 of them) and they all seemed to follow almost the same format, if not, the basic idea is nearly the same from one another. All the women be it the protagonist or the heroine of the novel also share many similar traits. It is as if u've begun to read "drawn nob's" (thats the silly anagram of dan brown) fantasies and perceptions of things. However, he also gave so many invaluable information, something about "l'espionage" that not many people would openly share about it, except a few like Robert Ludlum, John Grisham and Sydney Sheldon. To me, the best part of DB's novels is that he managed to enlighten me with his thought-provoking storyline that makes u see through things deeper than just on the surface while analysing whatever hearsay/stuff that u've normally heard/read about before. On DB's Da Vinci Code: It makes me wanna say to the characters of his novel or whoever is reading it: this isnt entirely new if ever u consider studying the underlying knowledge/message given in the al-quran. . As fictitious as it may appear to anyone, it could incite some profound admiration of something we may not thoroughly understand. Yet i enjoy reading all of his books. I've to force myself to sleep because i just couldn't put those books down.But of course, do not be so gullible when u come across something rather "mind-boggling" in any of his books. Simply Enthralling and Cleverly whatever the reviewers comments on his books pretty much verified the contents. (These controversial paintings :Last Supper and Madonna on the Rock paintings....and of course the most famous one of all, Mona Lisa...Glad I've seen them all in Le Lourve).

typos: madonna of the rocks, and l'espionnage.

I missed your above comments and discovered it today when I wanted to inform my readers about my posting about my passion in using moleskine as a notebook. Here is the URL:http:

I read most of DB's books but Da Vinci Code is the best. Reading it took me to Musee de Louvre -I felt like I was there.My last visit was in 1997.

nice blog. keep it up man. i really enjoyed visiting it.

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