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Friday, December 30, 2005


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A'kum.. Brothers and Sisters,
MasyaAllah, very nice to hear that your mosque arranged Qiamulail activity.
insyaAllah. Allah give/provide us and all ummah strength and steadfastness to carry out this ibadah during this window of time. Ameen.

Waalaikumussalam Abbas,
Thank you for the Kutba from Singapore and the article on 10 days of Zulhijjah.

The Imam this morning led the payers in moderation so that everyone can participate :
1.Two rakaat of solat taubah
2.Two rakaat of solat hajat
3.Four rakaat of solat tahjud.

More important is our istiqamah.The least of qiamulail is just one rakaat of solat witir.

All of us should make it a habit.Initially,we can start with every Friday morning and slowly we can do it almost everyday.Once it becomes a habit,then it will become our culture.

During the days of Salahuddin al Ayubbi,he only allowed his soldiers who do qiamulail go to war.

"Qiamullail is a way of getting close to Allah. The benefits are
too much. In this world, someone close to those in power is in
advantageous position. To be close to the Khaliq is

However, I feel that qiamullail is best done alone or with
members of the family rather than at the mosque like fardh
prayers. In principle, sunnah prayers is more afdhal done at
home except tarawih. Rasulullah s.a.w used to wake his family up
during the last 10 days of Ramadhan to join him in prayers and
there are account of sahabahs joining the Rasul's Qiamullail, so
there's no problem there....

However, night prayer is a very private prayer. We supplicate to
Him in the darkness of the night in devotion to him in private.
It is not for jamaah like the fardh prayers which need to be
institutionalised. Once a while to organise in jamaah to instill
the practice should be ok but not to become habitual.

Thanks for your inputs.I agree with your view.Some of us understood that qiamulail is 1 or 2 hrs of solat.
Just start with two rakaat,then slowly add more...

The problem is to wake up and get ready to pray.That is why the reward is manifolds for those who make an effort to do solat.

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