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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


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spot on AbeDib....thank you so much for the reminder...
me & wife went for the monthly appoinment with our gynae @ Gleneagles Intan today, when I saw an old women being pushed on a wheelchair by (I assume) her daughter, who looked weary but assisted the mother to sit, asked heer to tilt her head a bit maybe afraid of the mother having a neckpain....
and it made me wonder....wud my babies be doing the same to me if I ever amgoing to live that long and end up on a wheelchair?
and the it struck me, wud I be able to do the same to my parents if they are the one on the wheel chair?
I really would but can't be really sure...but what I am really sure of is I love my parents, I love my family...only Allah knows how much they mean to me!

I wrote the posting because just a few days ago,I saw an old lady(just managing to take care of herself) is also taking another responsibility of looking after her aging mother.The younger and more able ones have to go to work.

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