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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


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Abedib, my friend's sister is getting married and she said her dad will only give his approval upon getting the groom's HIV test! That's pretty cool...

She said "jangan sangka pakcik2 kat kampong tak tau..." I am glad the awareness has spread.

According to a report done by someone doing research in the spread of HIV,the number of Malaysian could get inflicted with HIV can reach 2million in 2015.It could be true if mitigating and drastic measures were NOT taken.God forbids...

It's no "bomb" scare anymore... it's a reality and obviouslt threatening.

berkenaan rancangan memberikan jarum percuma kepada penagih dadah, you should take a look at this :

Quote ( from the site ) :
" We also advise communities to remember that needle/syringe programmes promote a dangerous behaviour and life style which might increase the risk of spreading HIV/AIDS. "

( site introduced by )

I think I know who is Mr A :-)

This is just govt propaganda to drum up support for the controversial HIV needle/syringe/drug programme.

Notice that they didn't back up all those statements with real data?

See, even Pak Abedib swallowed the whole thing and reacted by posting it on his blog.

Government propanganda?I hope it is not.
From my little knowledge,the situation demand immmediate actions.How? I leave it to the experts to determine and execute them.

Read the report yourself at

Then you'll realise that the ruling govt machinery is selective choosing the points presented in the report to push it's own agenda.

I understand the problem of the data quality of HIV epidemiology in Malaysia, therefore I do not put much weight on their assumptions and conclusion. Even less on the current programme being pushed by certain parties.

To me, it may just another get rich quick scheme for those well connected to the govt. Remember Pak Lah's talk on rent-seeking mentality? This may be one of them. Someone already got RM50 million from the govt by pushing similar ideas in the past. Perhaps another wish to emulate them.

The scary thing is that people are willing to risk the future for a thrill shot whether with needle or .... They know the risk, how can they not know with the media saturated environment of today. But they are still willing to have a go. This is the scariest thing.

What has happen to the inner resistance? The nafsu and satan have total domination already over the mind and soul. When a we are no longer in contact with our innermost self; the conscience, the goodself, the inherently good human nature, there is no longer place for humanity........Sad, very sad.......

Bro Adib.
I'm afraid I have to agree with Dr. A Tamil on this matter.

I don't take NST or for that matter any of the regular media seriously at all.

Most headlines of the media are driven by pure capitalistic greed by those connected to the ruling executives. News are created (manufactured? without proper data to back them up, as noted by our good doctor) to ensure someone can push something to the government.

The institution is really without genuine credibility. This is the observation of 'thinkers', and not mere followers.

I am praying that the situation will improve, soon, and Malaysia would fly towards achieving developed nation status.

On the aspect of HIV as well as drug abuse, I am sorry to say that the prevention mechanism that have been in place all these whiles has not been effective. Pemadam has really failed the trust of the nation. On sexually transmitted disease, pure abstaintion and religiously following the teaching of religion would have in itself a defence mechanism for everyone.

HIV testing is recommended from now onwards, but, essentially, the privacy in handling this situation is still a cause of concern.

InsyAllah, mukminin and mukminat will be safe!

Over here in Kedah. Every day you can see so many people returning from across the border just before it closes at 12 am. Its not a open secret what most guys go there for. Seems like no one is worrying about the AIDS threat as yet.

Dear Adam,
The prevalence rate of HIV amongst Thailand sex workers in 2004 are as follows;

Direct Sex Workers (prostitutes) in Thailand - 7.36%
Direct Sex Workers (prostitutes) in Bangkok - 4.5%

Indirect Sex Workers (GROs, masseurs) in Thailand - 4%
Indirect Sex Workers (GROs, masseurs) in Bangkok - 4%

I do have their full report. The above figures came from AIDS/HIV Unit, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

Thank you Aznijar.
Regarding your statement on abstinence, it reminded me of the slogan, ABC

B-Be Faithful
C-I think you know this one.They believe we should condone its use by those who can't stop from being promiscous i.e. Sex Workers. It is an effective method (but not 100%)of avoiding STDs.

HIV-AIDS really makes one think twice about doing something he's not supposed to. It's a good reminder.

dear all malaysian,

please be well aware that hiv DOESN"T only pass on among drug user or gay or uncle who sometimes enjoy sex service... it could happen to the educated young and sucessful people too.i have reliable source of the statistic of hetrosexual hiv transmited figures in malaysia. check out . i think it's important that malaysian learn to pratice safe sex. and get tested if expose to any risk ( eg. had unprotected sex with someone that u have little or no knowledge of his/her sexual history) may god bless us all....

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