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Friday, May 27, 2005


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Thanks for sharing. My late father passed away due to sudden heart attack almost 8 years ago.

Btw, have started reading the Perjalanan Rabbani. My mom and I both agree that we musn't read and interpret in on our own. Kena refer "Tok Guru" jugak... :-)

You have written heart stimulating blog. We have doctors to look after our physical heart, some even the luxury of a personal physician. Yet we are letting our real heart to wrot, trampled and rampaged by onslaughts via the senses by all barbarianism of todays multimedia.

While our heart quirm under the onslaught, we are happily trudging along, condoning all those and refused treatments, let alone supplementary diets and vitamins for its care. Under such circumstances, where would our heart end? In what pitiful state would it end up to be?

But before that, how many of us know what is the food for the heart? What is the vitamins needed? What regiment of exercise is needed to keep it healthy? That is a food for thought..........

Thanks Gukita for your thought provoking inputs.May I have some answers to his questions.

For those who wish to know about our hearts,please read a book by Hamka entitled Tasawuf Moden. It cost about RM15.

Abedib, I bought the book last year. But only a few pages read. :-( I will reread the book. Discipline. I will make a date with the book.

That is grreat!Make a DATE with the good book(put it in your TODO list in your new Nokia 9500;-).When it comes to the MATTERS of the heart,it should be our priority.


Many thanks for this Friday tazkirah. It is indeed very poignant... how many of us do take really care of our heart (go for special diet, taking ECG tests etc)...but not our 'qalbu'. May Allah bless u & yr family.

Adik Di

will do Sir.. will do. :-) yesterday I went to see a doctor (our sdara sister) and she said my heart is good. Alhamdulillah. Now will take care the qalb as well. Thanks for the reminder.

The more I reflect, the more I realise that my qalbu has been sakit for a long while. I guess as you travel on this earth, you lose perspective a little bit if you are not careful. And you forget certain things.

I only hope that Allah will not take away his rahmat altogether & terus tak nampak jalan.

The Kimster,

As we travelled, there were so many things that distracted our attentions and many of us were fascinated by the 'bright lights' that may blind our heart. It is a good first step to stop and to reflect.But that should not be the end.We must do something to our hearts and actions(qalbu dan amalan).

After we eat, we feel satisfied/full. After we eat stale food we get stomach ache. After we eat poisonous food we get ill. Similiarly after we feed our qalbu with good food, we must feel something..... What is the feeling like readers?... If you feel nothing, then your qalbu is dead, similiar to not feeling anything after taking food. Are we sensitive enough to notice? Friends, please take care to notice, else we may be eating all the poisonous things and the qalbu been sending sickness signal all along without we noticing anything!!!!!

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