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Saturday, October 23, 2004


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hmm.. macam faham. tapi takut salah faham. boleh translate?

Allah:siapakah kamu?--i think shud be Man Ana(Aku)?
Nafs:Engkau,Engkau. Dan aku,aku
A few Hells later,
Allah:Siapakah kamu?
Nafs:Engkau Tuhanku,dan aku hambamu.
Should be correct..

You should put up the translation too.

Dear Fellow Readers,

My apologies for not providing the translation.
The translation by Faiznur is correct.I also feel that Man Ana and NOT Man Anta should be the question.

'The Meaning of Nafs' by the erudite young Msian scholar Sheikh Muhd Afifi al-Akiti of Oxford Univ can be read at:

(a bit dated piece, written during his undergraduate years in Belfast)

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