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Wednesday, October 13, 2004


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Assalammualaikum Pak Adib, mysanc main recorder (the cheapest instrument) pun sumbang. Masa lower secondary Cikgu muzik suruh tiup rekorder main lagu 'If you are going to San Franciso' mysanc bulldoze aje (langgar semua sharp or flat). Cikgu tanya kenapa main laju2, mysanc cakap nk cepat abis.

I love listen to gamelan too. tenang dan segar.

I gave a tape of gamelan to someone who's returning to England. The feedback - the music spooks.

a'kum pak adib..
i love al-ghamidi recitations too but i've owest failed in downloading them. once i did manage to but my cpu was stolen days after. :( now am searching all over the web but can't seem to. any suggestion?
piano n gamelan? love em.. used to play em in sch together wif caklempong but since masuk uni dah nie, am too tied up.. hehee.. perhaps one day will resume playing em..
love reading all yr blogs pak.. slamat menyambut ramadhan al-mubarak..

Assalamaualikum Pak Adib ,

Lama dah cari ,MP3 gamelan / cak lempong all over web . Now still fail la . Any web to seggest ?

Hm , bye the way Selamat berpuasa . Send regard to ur wife too

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