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Monday, October 04, 2004


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Last year, during my visit at KL tower, I used to see tourist wear kain pelikat & sarong there :-).

One day , when I wear batek ayu and kebaya to work , some of my frenz said ... 'nak pegi jual jamu ke?'... and I ter malu-malu and smile sampai telinga.. but still..feel good.One of my chinese frenz pernah pakai batek skirt. Hmm... It looks nice...

Thanks Des!
When I was a G-man,I was made to wear batik shirt every Saturday.Now, I wear batik shirt at functions or dinners.

The best batek jawa it seems come from Pekalongan. I did visit Danar Hadi in Jakarta and they have beautiful batik shirts.

I guess we have to find a way to make Batik fashionable again, especially among the youth. Thats why I whole heartedly support Datin Paduka Seri Endon's effort to rpomote Malaysian Batik.

Why is Indon so protective of their batik? I am told that you can't buy a few on your trips there. Perhaps it is Malaysia's opportunity to go agressive on batik.

I love batik. I think what's stopping us girls from wearing batik out would be because we are a bit choosy with the material. It's not easy to find batik on silk (silk being the textile of choice for office wear and special occasions) and when u do, it's pricey. I bought a few in Jakarta for less than half the price here.

I have fallen in love with contemporary batik designs - check out I Kartini in KLCC. Nice batik sarongs and batik shirts - local designs (from Selayang apparently).

Talking about batik jawa reminds me of my trips to Jakarta years back, where i bought a dozen of batik shirt from Sarinah. I don't feel like wearing them as they are too old-fashion. I still prefer Malaysian batik which has more contemporary style.

Yes you can find quite a few male tourists in batik sarong at Pasar Kota Bharu!

My friend won RM30K (first prize) for the Sri Endon Batik Award last year for her "double-layer" technique in Batik making. She told me, what made batik entrepreneur like her wary are the copycats. It's not easy and very expensive to get it patented.

When it comes to colour, the taste of KL people would normally be pastel. To produce pastel Batik, it will take a few more steps than it would be for striking colours, and more time taken if it's on silk. Thus the reason why you find pastel Batik on silk quite pricey.

Abedib, remember I told about the little Batik factory which look like a pondok buruk in Gombak and got a daily visit by Bas Persiaran? It is now under construction (again!),(whilst still operating) and will soon have an image of a 'Bernard Chandran' boutique! Courtesy of tourists who came in flocks and made Batik owner rich.

I do remember.I see a lot of opportunities in our traditional industries, but it needs modern strategy and tactics to be successful.

A few weeks ago, a TV channel featured dried flowers from Bachok,Kelantan being produced for KL market.Why not for London ,New York and Paris??

Over to you younger entrepreneurs!

I had my time.Now, I have other priorities.

I hope our local batik makers get rich. I've been to a couple of shops and I've heard both locals and tourists alike complain that whatever the price they put is too expensive. Since the first time I fell in love with batik, I've been reading up on the intricacies of batik design, and have grown to be more appreciative of the labour (and love) that must go into every meticulously prepared piece.

Bought another one at Anggun (GE Mall) on Friday at a discount (they're having a raya sale). It's made in Indonesia, but designed by designers here, hence the interesting colours and patterns. I think I have an addiction now...

By the way, have you been to Terengganu and/or buy some Terengganu batik?We are in KT.My wife just bought 5 pieces of 'kain batik sarong Terengganu'!I think I better go home faster before she buy another dozen;-)

Pak Adib,

No, I haven't be back to Terengganu for a long time -- one of the 'perks' I missed after leaving THAT oil and gas company.

Will have to plan to make a trip soon...

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