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Monday, September 13, 2004


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Assalamualaikum... sebelah rumah ambo di Jln Gajoh Mati dulu ada seorang tua yg mengusahakan 'industri' bedak sejuk. Namanya Mok Yae (not sure yr wife know abt this lady of not. Ramuan utamanya seingat ambo ialah kulit buah rambai. Ianyanya mujarab walaupun sipemakainya bermuka putih macam hantu.

Adik bungsu ambo pulak suka sangat dapatkan bedak sejuk 'special' yg dikatanya disertakan dgn doa drp salah seorang 'waris' kami yg bermastautin di Kuala Balah bila beliau menziarahi kamai di KB. Kami memanggilnya 'nyer ulu'. Umurnya sudah menjangkau seratus tahun lebih tapi masih gagah ke sana sini. Last time I do check with my parents she is still sihat wal-afiat. Sayangnya banyak warisan melayu kita pergi dengan perginya datuk nenek kita.

have yet to come across any similar term for bedak sejuk in english.

your post reminded me of my late grandma - whom we affectionately call 'Nyai'. my mum and my siblings stayed with her for quite some time as my dad was always posted outside of klang valley due to work obligations.

anyhow, i used to spend hours just observing Nyai prepare the 'bedak sejuk'. Yes, the main ingredients are rice and water. I recall her adding jasmine petals for the fragrance and a few other ingredient that totally eluded me as i was just a teensy 4-5 year old at that point.

once she's done with the mixture, she'll lay out a mengkuang (what is the english term for this?) mat and start dotting the huge piece of paper with the mixture of yey size (size of a tear drop). she would explain tonnes of stuff - which also eluded me due to my child mind - while patiently dotting the paper in even rows.

it's a surprise that neither my sister nor me ever bothered to mess this very fragile treasure - but hey, we are dainty princesses anyway he he

once the lot has dried up into the beady form that you normally see it, it is then packed.

some bedak sejuk manufacturers cut this process short by just bottling the liquid mixture - mostly scented with rose water and a tad of pink coloring - as ladies would end up adding water anyways to those beads of powder prior to applying it to their faces. though the liquid form tends to perish easily - it is rice powder mixed with water.

Last weekend I went back to my mother's house and luckily my grandma also was around. I was pleasantly suprised to see my 95 yrs old granda had 'bedak sejuk' all over her face.She laughed when I teased her that she looked beautiful. When I asked her who made the 'bedak sejuk'?She told me it was made by my mother.The photo that you see in this blog is taken from my mother's kitchen. The rice has been soaked in water for more than a year!!! The time taken can vary from two weeeks to one year or even more.SK and Fara have explained how it was made.

I share SK's view that some of 'warisan Melayu' will fade away with the passing of our elders.I don't my wife knows how to make 'bedak sejuk'.Now, it is easier to buy and to do ;then we will lose the our traditional arts in cosmetics etc.

When I was a young boy, my mother used to put 'bedak sejuk' on my face.At first I refused because I donot wanted to be seen as girlish, but I accept it because I everyone uses 'bedak sejuk' except my father.

The truth is... atok pun pakai bedak sejuk ni time muda2 dulu (sekolah + college). SK, the one with kulit rambai is better known as 'bedak kulit rambai', just a variant of bedak sejuk, or rather a class up.

Bedak Kulit Rambai ini bagus untuk muka berjerawat;-) abedib pakai juga masa umur belasan tahun.Hanya pakai waktu malam,malu siang hari.

I think the teardrop-shaped bedak is called "bedak cotek" in Terengganu. There is another variety, in cake form called "mutoh belot".

One old makchik told me that she makes her own bedak sejuk. She said the secret is to change the water everyday, then only it will produce effective bedak sejuk. She's 83 now but her complexion is still like selembut sutera. It's good if you use it but you have to bear looking like 'tepung gomok'.

Last few yrs my masseur gave a special type of bedak sejuk. She said "this bedak is better than Elizabeth Arden that you use". After 1mth of using that bedak, all the jeragat on my face disappear and my complexion was very smooth! Yes, it's better than all the branded cosmetic that I've tried, with only a fraction of the price. Unfortunately I lost her number and can't locate her shop in Jln Klang Lama. :(

a friend just gave me some bedak sejuk she got from Malaysia, just to try it. I was facinated and wanted to know more about it and and my search led me to this link. I live in Africa and would like to know how to obtain it or an easy recipe to make it at home. Is it any particular kind of rice? will be very glad of a detailed recipe.

can u do me a favour?
plz email me about making 'bedak sejuk' in traditional ways. this is for our research about it.
thanks alot!

Below is a contact info sent to me by a marketing personel about his company product.I have not tried his company 'bedak sejuk' ,so I cannot give any comments.You can call for free sample:-)
mega indah ent. 013-4303820 (zarina - finance & admin), 019-5286812 (afiz - production)

Hi. I was wondering if there are anyone in the Klang Valley or Selangor who still makes Bedak Sejuk using the traditional method. Where can I find them and can I visit them? This is for research purposes.

Hi. I was wondering if there are anyone in the Klang Valley or Selangor who still makes Bedak Sejuk using the traditional method. Where can I find them and can I visit them? This is for research purposes.

assalamualaikum.. bedak sejuk is bedak sejuk and bedak kulit rambai is bedak kulit rambai.. the ingredients on making of this thing is different where bedak sejuk main ingredientsnya ialah beras manakala bedak kulit rambai ialah kulit pokok rambai..dan bukan buah rambai..hehe..memang bedak ni mujarab untuk kesihatan dan kecantikan kulit..same goes to bedak sejuk..for anyone who interested to try this traditional scrubs made from kelantan since tahun 1948 lagi, boleh lawati

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