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Friday, July 09, 2004


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Maaf lagi sbb tulis dlm BM :)

Dulu saya masuk laman JAKIM ada pemberitahuan mengenai kaedah menentukan arah kiblat secara semulajadi.
Tadi saya cuba cari balik tapi tak jumpa link tu. Tapi saya sempat save fail tu dulu.

Kalau sesiapa yang nak tahu, boleh download file tu kat sini :


Err, dapat lagi maklumat pasal ni.
Tarikh berbeza2;

Dalam ArahKiblat.doc (JAKIM) - 15 Julai 5.27 pm.
Dalam laman Jabatan Mufti Selangor - 16 Julai 5.28 pm .
Sila baca di sini :

Tak apa, saya boleh semak kedua2 hari. Yay! :)

Takjub dengan kebesaran Ilahi.

When I looked at the second link, it is for 2003. May I ask, is the date the same every year? Which is correct? 15th July or 16th? I would have to take time-off from work to check the kiblat at my house. Does anyone know? thank you in advance.


If I apply the 1 in 60 rule (for every 1 deg deviation you are one mile off track over a distance of 60 miles) I get a figure of 116.23 kms. Even if your sejadah is out by 1 minute, you will miss the Kaabah by 1.937 kms!!
The question is, how accurate can you allign your sejadah so that you hit the Kaabah spot on? Unless it is mounted on a Gyro stabilised platform that is coupled to a GPS device, I think it will be mere impossible to get bullseye. Even if you are in Medinah you can be about 6kms off course if you are 1 deg out.

In the days of old, people used to use the setting sun as the general direction of the Kaabah. Many don't realise the sun transverses 45 deg across the horizon within one year.

This reminds me of the time when I was in Arafah for the Haj. There was one group of Malaysians praying in a totally different direction from everyone else. When I questioned them about it, one of them said, "but the sun set this way so the Kaabah must be in this direction". I had a tough time explaining to them they were wrong. Only places to the east of Mecca use the sun as a GENERAL GUIDE. And Arafah is not East of Mecca. It is not a universal rule! I still cannot forget the sideways looks I got from some of them.

Gabra and All,
Thanks for your feedbacks.You last paragraph confirmed my belief that many people do ibadah without knowledge.

My intention is create awareness of the need to be careful about the direction because in one mosque,the masjid was 25% out of the way.(this one may be set out using the sunset)

The Qur'an mnetioned that when we pray, we must face Masjidil Haram. If one is in the Masjidil Haram,one must face Kaabah. If one is outside Masjidil Haram, one has to face Masjidil Haram.

I asked my Ustaz what if one is outside Makkah and has no compass? Then ,one must face in the direction of Makkah to the best one can and with yakin.As an engineer who has used theodolite in my survey works, I asked my Ustaz what is the maximum acceptable error in degrees or minutes that our direction of Qiblat is okay with syariah rules? is it one degree(like many gps m/c) or to a few minutes?

He didnot give me any concrete answer but saying that within 30 mimutes(1/2 a degree) is reasonably acceptable.

What if I am an engineer doing setting out for a masjid? I think I will set it up to the nearest possible accuracy that my machine can do but not exceeding 15 minutes.
My reasoning is quite simple.An error of 15 minutes gives me a linear deviation in width of about 30km and the city is Makkah approximately about 26km.By doing this I am not far out from the city of Makkah.
(This is a view from a technical man.For 'hukum',please consult the religous authority).

sdr adib,
saya tinggal di kg pdg marhum tk bakong, parit, pk. pd 15/7 @ 17:25hr saya telah set kan arah qiblat berpandukan hebahan radio m'sia neg pk. dgn gunakan turus dan bayangnya. saya gunakan kompas murah yg dibeli di pasar malam utk membandingkan arah itu. saya dapati arahnya ialah pada 290 deg. adakah ini betul? itu saja musykilan saya.

Sdr Shaudin,
Saya pun buat begitu untuk rumah saya tahun lepas.Saya lebih yakin dengan kaedah ini dari menggunaka kompas dari pasar malam.Bagi saya,kompas pasar malam diguna untuk 'verify'the general direction only.Kompas ada pelbagai 'errors'.Saya rasa apa yg sdr buat dah betul.Untuk rujukan, arah qiblat dari KL ke Masjidil Haram ialah 292º 31' 43.5".


Saya mempunyai satu pertanyaan tentang arah qiblat. Saya kini menetap di Groningen,Holland dan saya ingin bertanya tentang arah qiblat di tempat tinggal saya. Saya telah cuba mencari di internet tentang cara mencari arah qiblat tetapi ada lah agak sukar bagi saya memahami nya. Saya dapati maklumat ini dari internet tentang lokasi Groningen:
Latitude: 53' 13' N
Logitude: 6' 34' E

Saya harap saudara dapat membantu saya. Assalamualaikum dan terima kasih.

Waalaikumussalam Jami,
Your qiblat is 128º measured from the north clockwise(i.e south east). For details on qiblat/prayer times,please check this website:
Note: Thanks to Dr Azmi for your confirmation of the direction.

mmg terdapat perbezaan pada kompas dan arah bayang matahari (pada hari tertentu shj).

masa sekolah dulu pernah belajar. earth has 3 norths. 1. true north, 2. grid north, 3. magnetic north. based on that knowledge i realized there should be some 'errors' to determine the direction of qiblat. however i'd stick to the mufti that the direction from KL is 292degrees.

From Jakim website,the exact direction is :
292° 31′ 16″

sy masih x faham cmner nk kira arah kiblat...maksud sy dengan ada 2 position..
i mean lat dan long kaabah dengan lat dan long sesuatu tempat...
boleh tunjuk kan sy the calculation x...
sekian terima kasih.....

Wassalam Sopian,
Cara untuk mengira kena belajar dengan guru yang berkerlulusan dalam Ilmu Falak Syarie.Untuk maklumat umum,sila baca:

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