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Friday, July 02, 2004


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It would certainly be a great compilation of all one of those Lat's.

Personally, I don't have nothing much to write about the old Msia Hall. Actually, to be honest, I've never stayed there... as there was (and still is) a 24-hour bus service to the place I studied, in the City of Dreaming Spires. Msia Hall was for me: makan, solat and reading Msian newspapers.

... about the new one, well... where do I begin; but that's another story :)

we used to stay at msia hall for the school breaks. i remembered the times we used the library in the basement next to the great hall, revising for the a levels, in addition to the occasional game of gin rummy among friends. the cafe food (the cheapest malaysian food in london)improved tremendously in the mid 90s thanks to the then new management ran by abg bad. it saddened me to hear that they were leaving bryanston square for good. even with the new bayswater site for the hall, as looking back, it'll never be the same ever again.

Yes, it never be the same again. Old place has history and memory....

How I wish it would stay where it was.

I remeber landing in Heathrow in wee morning roughly about 5:30 am using BEA at that time. We were put upin a hotel in Sussex Garden prior to being picked up by our seniors en route to Llandudno, North Wales. This was in 1979. Somehow what keeps ringing in my mind is the song "Logical Song" by SuperTramp. We are taken round to Bryanston Square as part of the tour prior to taking a coach north.

Somehow Bryanston Square didn't become much of a feature until later in years as I studied Civil Engineering at Swansea. Train fare was 8.50 pound for a weekend return.

We used to hang out in the hall and made nuisance of ourselves tingkering the piano while waiting for food which started of at 50 pence for a bowl of curry, fruits and unlimited rice ;-).

Coming back to Bryanston Square in later years while under the service of PWD is more comfortable and much easier. When U were student, somehow I remember trying so much to avoid MSD officers such as Ustaz Nayan and rumoured "Gestapo".

During my time(1973-`1976)we heard of no "Gestapo".If you can tell us,who were they?

i'm really impressed with the new malaysia hall.. putrajaya standard... is the new canteen still sells 2pound nasi campur?

new canteen is yet to be opened (i was officially informed that tender has not been awarded yet, but rumours have spread since many moons ago of the likely operator).

however, days of 2 quid nasi campur have long gone. mawar restaurant & naha cafe are both at 5 quid (with 3 lauk). so, i guess it would be just slightly chaeaper than that.

Atok and Bad,
To-day I had lunch with Tok Din at KLCC. He was the last operator of Malaysian Hall cafeteria in London. He told me the price was about 3.50 quids.

The new Malaysian Hall has yet to appoint the new operator.

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