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Saturday, June 26, 2004


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shoes...mmm, among my biggest problem, since i was born with flat feet, i.e. no arch in the middle. hence, very supportive and soft rubber sole shoes are the one make me most comfortable; with no internal side padding of course (that would hurt). so far, it's either Hush Puppies or Timberland for me, nothing fancy...just comfort.

Thanks Atok for the tips. I had a pair of Hush puppies, but my son just fell in love with them. Now, my shoes became his shoes:-)
The ones shown in the photo are Forrestor's brand.(leisure wear). Personally I like Timberland design, but it looks too adventurous on me;-)

leisure wear? looks like shoes that i normally wear to work (and all other places in fact, even gardening). i don't like black, all my shoes are brown or burgundy. those commonly worn formal black shiny leather shoes with hard soles hurt my flat feet like errr, nak tulis 'hell' tapi kat hell nanti sure lagi sakit, hehhe.... (bought a pair a couple of years ago, Charles Jourdan, put on once or twice, now... kat mana ntah... better cari and put on ebay).

Abedib, looks like a very comfy nappa leather shoes you've got there. It's meant for smart casual (or maybe during outdoor job for the field engineers?). I think if you can hide the lace underneath your trousers, you can get away as a business wear. ;-)

ps: my Hush Puppies sole MELTED, it cannot stand Malaysian weather! :(

Thanks Honeytar for the view/tips. I need to get one pair soon for my casual wear.

Rockport shoes are really great! I wish I had bought 5 pairs of the boots I am wearing right now, so that I can wear them for the next 10-15 years.

Adib & Atok

It sounds as though you should both invest n a pair of Doc Martens's Airwears. If you stick with the shoes rather than going for the real DM's (boots), many people won't even notice that they're not regular "sensible" shoes. It's only the chunky sole that gives them away.

Wouldn't you like to walk on air?

a'kum abedib & friends,

Kura-kura - RIGHT ON!! Nothing beats a pair of DocMart!

I have been wearing my DM Airwears for more than 4 years day in day out to way I am gonna wear the "hardcore officewear" kinda shoes man, no way man, even if I ever become a GM!!

When it come to footwear, I would just brush aside policies and style, comfort and performance comes first.

Need not be expensive, as long as its comfy & lasting....

For leisure I have my Nike Chanjo slip-on or my Umbro slippers, for work my old faithful 12 holes black DM & very old mid cut burgundy Clarks, for court games I have my old Adidas x-trainer mid cut (tapak dah almost gone dah!) and for jogging and other activities I have my old green low-cut Lotto....

Those shoes are aged from 7 years to 1 yr old.....kasut ni mcm jeans laa, yg lagi seasoned tu yg best abedib! teheheheh!!

Have been a sportshoe maniac during my college years - nak beli mana mampu masa tu, follow ajer laa, dah kerja ni ada duit sikit2 boleh laa beli. My summary for branded sport shoes that I have owned would be:

Nike: The most comfortable and nicely (some are overly!) designed, tech-enriched and for the ACG lines, its really lasting.

NewBalance: Best soles of them all, good for heavy weight sports enthusiasts like me.

Reebok: Super light weight shoes, fit for serious sports enthusiasts else will only be good for show offs. Soles will fail rather fast over extended usage though, especially if you are heavy (like me!)

Adidas: decenty priced, mid range performance but always evergreen (hey just look at thodse old Stan Smith coming back on them shelves!)

Teva (sandals): THE BRAND for heavy duty sandals - used one to climb Mt Ophir, and its the only shoe wear I brought for that purpose, confident for its performance, and it really did what its designed to do.

Just my 2 sen!


I've been wearing Dr Marten for years. For all occasions! Including to weddings and to the beach. It cost me about Sterling Pound 49.00 but lasted for years. The Dr Marten I'm wearing now is my 2nd one. My next shoes may well be Dr marten too. Simply love them.

About 6 or 7 years ago I was in San Francisco for a convention. An old woman walked into the elevator with me and commented "Comfortable walking shoes."

So, I guess it is a good bet to invest on a pair of Dr Marten!

Thank you all for the fedback. Below is a link to Dr Marten:

I don't know how everyone feels about buying RM300 shoes. But for me i would rather spend from RM80-160 only for a pair or any type. Be it sneakers to formal shoes. I don't really look for brand either. Anyway does anyone think twice that hush puppies are the worlds most comfortable shoes? I believe custom made shoes are the most comfortable ones. I would rather dump RM500 on a custom made shoe rather than those doggies.

I believe you could get nice shoes if you would spend some time looking for them in shops rather that target a specific brand. Anyway some shoes from Parkson, Metrojaya & Isetan sometimes cost less than RM200. And they are of obsocure brands. But many have Asian feet cutting. Meaning wide at the front. Not those Ameri-Euro cut, where it is slim all round. I do remember reading an article about the Mat Sallehs leg even though are long, but slim. Unlike us.

Anyway the most expensive shoes i ever bought was RM149. And that was on sale! A nice leather sneaker from McLaren, bought at Isetan KLCC. and been with me though rain and hot weather. Until the soles give way. All in 2 years time. I wear it almost everyday!

I use a web site to find comfortable shoes of all kinds. see:
Most Comfortable Shoes

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