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Sunday, May 16, 2004


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Assalamualaikum Pak Adib

Yes the New Malaysia Hall is ready. We will be moving to the premises on 20.5.2004.

Kind Regards

Pak Din

That's wonderful news..Not that I'll be going to London anytime soon..:-) Insya-Allah..who knows...I'll get to visit this great, grey, smoggy city again and eat at the new Malaysia Hall!

Asalamualaikum Abang Adib,

Your posting here on MSD brings me poignant memories. What use to be the focal point for some of us (44 or was it 46 Brynston Square, London) is now Queensborough Terrace albeit still near the Bayswater area.

To most of us, it is Malaysian Food at 50p, although to others it could have been the headquarters of "Gestapo". Food was worth waiting where queues used to have a tail somewhere outside the hall itself. Some of us would tingkle the piano in the hall area wwhile waiting for our meal ;-).

It would be good to drop by and see the new MSD.

Gone were the days when you can buy food at 50p:-( When I was there in 2000,one cup of teh tarik cost me 70p.If I remember correctly, I need to spend about 3 to 5 pounds for lunch or dinner.

When I was studying at Sheffiled University in 1973-1976, a good lunch at Malaysian Hall is a big treat.At that time, it cost me 3 pound by train from Sheffield to London.Now,it can't even buy a packet of Dunhill.Now,travels and food cost a lot more.

Asalamualaikum Abang Adib,

Yeah, I suppose last time (1979-1984), food in Malaysia Hall use to be subsidised. Dropping there in ^87 it used to cost 90p (I think) for a plate of rice, chicken curry and an apple.

Later towards the 90s, it went up to 2 pounds 50 and later to 3 pounds. But I still drop by there just to meet people. Otherwise I will end up somewhere near Paddington at one of those Arab Food hall for Bryiani.

Yes, those were the days when a weekend ticket from Swansea to London used to cost 8 pounds fifty. Crispy were at 8p and tea were at 10p and MARS bars were at 16p. I remember when my wife was working for Cadbury - it was heaven for me.

don't know when I'll have the chance to go there again. but if it's in Bayswater, it's quite close to MARA Hostel.

To see the new facade of the New Malaysia Hall,please visit Atok's photoblog at:

Thanks for the photo,Atok.

Abedib, I've viewed Atok's photopages. Rindunya! Rasa nak pi sekarang jugak!

My Bank is sending me for a 2 weeks course in London in Sept. I would like to find out more on the accomodation at the new Malaysian hall (room rate, etc). I plan to stay day for few days after the course.


Hi there, so sorry to disturb your nicely done web page. We are Malaysian Hotel musician and singer and would like to know if Malaysian Hall would take a duo band to sing in the lounge or the coffee house.
We also are planning to visit the Hall, this summer. Please advise us. Thanx.

Shake & Lynn,
You should contact MSD/Msia Hall directly. Their website is '', where you can get the contact no and emails.

can we stay at malaysian hall london for our next visit this summer 2006? if can how much per person per night stay with bfast

Dear Roslawati,
The last time I was in London was in 2003.Now,it has moved from Brynston Square to Bayswater.Please visit the website referred by Atok above.

thanks for the info Adib, is it safe for me stay in london and venturing alone around. kindly tell me what to look out for just in case.

selamat pagi,hi

my family of 4 is planning to visit london
for the first time under tight budget and was told to stay at the Malaysian Hall.
I appeciate very much if anyone reading this posting can provide the email address of the malysian hall to enable me to correspond with them on my accomodation reservations.
thanking you very much in advance,banyak terima kasih.

Hi Sia,
Pls click on this URL:

assalamualaikum, saya akan ke london pada 26.8.07, boleh saya tahu berapa kadar sewa malaysia hall untuk satu malam


Undergraduates and above 13 years old

1. Single - £7.64 per night
2. Double - £6.46 per person per night

(Keutamaan akan diberi kepada pelajar yang mendaftar dengan Jabatan Penuntut Malaysia London)

Postgraduates and Non-students

1. Single - £15.28 per night
2. Double - £11.75 per person per night

*Rates subject to change - all rates above including VAT
(taken from the website)

Dear sir,

I am a retired government officer under U48 salary scale at the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. Would like to come over with my wife to London for a few days around end of Jan 08. Am I allowed to make booking and how much does it cost per night. How do I go about making a booking if I am allowed to. I am contactable at Appreciate your feedback. Wong Kok Thong

i am a government officer at the lembaga pertubuhan peladang, malaysia.would like to come over with my wife and daughter who is still studying at UiTM. for a few days starting December 11 2007 untill December 17 2007. can i make booking and how much does it cost per night? How is the booking process about? my contact address e-mail: or mobile: 019-2238015. appreciate your feedback.

Dear Mr Wong and Encik Azhar,
Please read my answers reagrding the rates and the contact no.I advise both of you to visit the MSD website as mentioned in my earlier replies and email/call the person concerned. I am living in KL and have not been to London since 2003-now out of touch with the latest in London.


I and my family consits of 7 of us would like to go to uk somewhere next week on 6/12/07. Is Malaysian Hall do have a room with 2 @ 3 bedrooms inside or maybe we can say something like an apartment. If you do, could you advise us how to book and what type of payment mode would you preffer best.

If you don't , may you give me any place that offer apartment service somewhere in central london.

Noor Malla,
With 7 persons in the family, it is more convenient to stay at a service apartment.I used to stay at Park West Apt.Here is the link for you to check:

hahahaa.... guano ni abe dib... macae jjadi agent msia hall + london apartment pulok jadinyo. keno ambik commission la lagu ni gak :)

It must the google search engine.May be my posting is more popular than masduke;-)hehehe..Joking a side,people may prefer to deal with a person than a government agency.I kept giving reply for those who wish to know to contact Malaysia Hall, but I keep getting the question directed to me.

You give me a very good idea!Why didnot I think of becoming an agent for some service apartments/B&B in London area?Just like Tok Sheikh Haji.Then I can go to London every year;-)

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