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Tuesday, April 13, 2004


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Salam Abedib,
I didn't know that you were there! I was there as well, enjoying every minute of it (and dozing off sometimes). I thought the lecture was a really good one, and Kotter is an excellent speaker.

Loads of good takeaways from the session. Indeed, we need MORE leaders to weather the 21st century. God knows how much we need them.

Wassalamualaikum Suhaimy,
I agree 100% with your views.Let's get together and have some post-lecture discourse on leaders and leadership.

A'kum Abedib & friends,

Mie!! It would be interesting if you could share this! Let's have a meet @ around KLCC...I have missed AbeDib's offer for a cuppa a few time too many...maaf AbeDib, just transferred job, lot's to do!!


I will be away this weekend.I suggest last wek of april or first week of May,2004.Just gather a few of your friends and let me know.
Anyone interested,please contact Kyril by email.

In the mean time,please read some books/articles on leaders and leadership so that we all can learn from one another.

It is almost four years ago since I posted the above.Last year,due to my continuous interest in the subject matter,I have bought another book by Dr John Kotter with a title: The Heart of Change.It is a very good book.I recommend it for reading.

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