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Thursday, March 04, 2004


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It defeats me how MAS ever wins customer service awards. My personal experience indicates the complete opposite. Your example the same. Why didn't the first lady explain that you couldn't check-in before sending you off on a wild goose chase to the ERL ticket counter?

I wrote to the Chief Executive to complain about one incident. There was used chewing gum stuck to the seat belt. I had to call the cabin staff three times before they managed to clean it. He didn't even bother to reply.

A month ago, I check-in at MAS counter at KLIA .I gave my ticket to the lady and she checked me in while she was talking over her cellular phone. I asked her for a seat near the emergency exit-a two seater and she nodded.On boarding the plane ,I was given another seat! (my mistake was that I did not check my boarding pass)I thought she nodded to my request but actually she was nodding to her caller on the phone!
Oh Mas Ayu...
Cantik rupamu bagai...

This disregard for customer attitude is another culture shock when i am in Malaysia. In Japan, even asking for the nearest toilet...get the utmost attention, sometimes the stand-by counter lady will guide you to the toilet!
NEVER,NEVER, in my lifetime seeing a counter lady talking on her personal cell-phone while working...never!

*gasp* er... Can i borrow your Da Vinci Codes once u're done? I'm reading NLP in 21 days at the moment if you're interested? (I know, I know, not a good enough trade) *sigh*

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