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Thursday, January 08, 2004


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Good morning Pak Adib,

When I was in college, I just loved mathematics and accounting classes. But I was so bad at it, I had to take Remedial classes when everyone else was in advanced classes.

I would spend a lot of time solving problems and I just couldn't revert my attention to anything else until I got it right! I had a really good and patient Math teacher in KPP by the name of Encik Daud. He was cute too, so I always pretended that I didn't understand Math concepts just so I could get personal tuition from him at the Math Clinic...hihi, was I devious or not!

maths had been my one favourite subject since my secondary school. the thing i like most about maths is algebra and solving problem using various kind of equation. As I extend my life into the college environment.. I find calculus is another great thing. later i find that why i like maths is i like to solve problem.. As in Maths such situation existfor solving a maths problem we need all kind knowledge on how to manipulate the equation,theorem, etc... I just love maths! eventhough i happened not to be a master in that subject!

Anis,You are!

While waiting for my HSC results,I taught maths for form two students.One of the girls behaved like you and I could read her like a book.When I was younger, I was also cute like your Cikgu Daud;-)


Determinate equations are easy to solve if you know the methods,but real life problems are indeterminate in nature-something like you have more variables than the number of the equations.

Btw, can someone expound the meaning of Einstein's statement as quoted by me at the end of my blog posting?

Thank you.

My understanding of what Einstein was saying is :

"So far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality,they are not certain."

The laws of mathematics are at best an approximation of how things are in the world.

" And so far as they are certain ,they do not refer to reality"

The fundamental laws of mathematics are internally correct but do not reflect what happens in the world.

Reading Fuzzy Logic by Bart Kosko will throw some light on Einstein's words.

Too bad, I'm an absolute useless in Math. I always say, "I only know to count up to 10". Not surprise, I ended up being an engineering student drop-out, what a big cock-up, haha...

... life is fair....

a'kum friends!

i found maths "interestingly interesting" when i started my related maths subjects like statistics, decision science etc...really enjoyed it...

and i then realized...if only i received the teaching method like my matriculation when i was in sekolah menengah...i may have performed better in maths & science subjects!!

teehahaha!! 3 months to spm, we still have 5 btitles backlogged....and the add. maths teacher was attending a seminar in Japan!!

I too like maths alot. My mind will be totally occupied by it once I am interested, But alas! I haven't solved too many problems myself. While doing a PhD in neuroscience I get less opportunity to dwell myself in maths. Now my interest is to work on problems that are posted on the net. Some of them even offer money! So I thought why make some money yeh!:-)

please five me some problems

Dear Sir

I am an electrical engineer from Iran.

I am interested and skilful to solve mathematics problems.

Please send me these problem for solving.


M. H. Tahouri

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