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Friday, October 31, 2003


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good riddance, heard that there will be a party in Bangsar tonite.

For Pak Lah, here are my demands :)

1)stop wasting the taxpayers money e.g. Perwaja
2)let Anwar go. at least to the hospital of his choice
3)fund back SAR
4)sack Samy Velu. no more toll please

if not, for the first time in my life I will vote for opposition :)


I know The Reader's blog is popular but I don't think Pak Lah is a regular visitor. I suggest you give him a call with your demands.

My wish this Ramadhan is that people stop yak yak yakking and stop complaining like they are perfect people and start to learn, learn and keep learning like Dr M did. Together we build the nation.

Pak Adib, I don't know if the name of the image you put up for this entry is the original or the one being put by you, but..PMS.jpg? funny.heh.

I copy the picture from a newspapers and I saved it as pms to denote prime ministers.

I am cynical abt the PM to be honest. I was a devoted fan until 1998, then my eyes opened up. I agree with Honey, together we build the nation...but at what cost to the nation, in the future ? ... I thank him for the services he has done on behalf of the ppl who put him there in the first place. I say this, let's hold our judgment on him for abt a few years ..then we'll see. An example would be Ronald Reagan, who reputedly was the most popular American president .... now in his twilight years, his track record ( good & bad ) can be judged accordingly. Tata Tun Dr M, may u find peace..


I know The Reader's blog is popular but I don't think Dr M/Pak Lah is a regular visitor. I suggest the owner of this blog to give them a call to thank/welcome them? (No offence to the owner)


My wish this Ramadhan is that people stop yak yak yakking and stop complaining like they are perfect people and start to learn, learn and keep learning like Dr M did.. sounds like honey is complaining. therefore honey=perfect



Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen for your comments on my posting to thank the country previous leadership and the welcoming the new one. Everyone of us has his/her own opinion in this matter and I myself have my own view.

My posting is apolitical in nature and I wish my blog to remain so. So,thank you and your co-operation is highly appreciated.

...juz waiting for the first real action of Pak Lah.
...happy retirement Tun.

Well said, Adib.

This world is just a dream. In the long run we are all going to be dead. What matters then is dependent on what we did or did not do in this life.

We all strive to achieve "kebahgiaan di akhirat". As for "kebahgiaan di dunia" I am happy to be able to live in peace in Malaysia, to have clothes to wear and to have food on the table for my growing children.

If we judge people by our own standards, nobody will come out perfect.

Like it or not, THE MAN deserves a big thank you for what he has contributed to the country in the last 22 years. Could we have done better if we were at the helm?

As for Pak Lah, Tun Mahathir is indeed a hard act to follow. I wish Pak Lah all the best and pray, for the sake of all Malaysians, that he will shine through. Insha ALLAH.

the old man deserve a Thank you for his spending his 22 years of life for the country. He may have some what i can say contradict actions with what we may thought best, well he's a human! How great he might be he still a human. Mistakes is something we can escaped from doing it! So just let him have a good-long hours of retirement for himself! THANK YOU DR M AND WELCOME PAK LAH!

I can understand from DR MAHATHIR. Hope, he is fine everything. And ur wife too! I am very sad that you are leaving to office. Now, you are retire right.

Please let me have Dr. Mahathir's personal email address or cell-phone number.

Thank you.

Patrick Vincent Tay

Effective leadership is an elusive quality for Tun Dr Mahathir Muhamad, a few sour words are thrown on him in our days, but those who are against him today forgot his great contribution in this country the peace and the harmony people are living in.
He was truly a great Leader

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