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Wednesday, October 08, 2003


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Oh yes Abedib... when I was younger the world was ideal. But going out into the real world nowadays, you start seeing all the filth which is coated by beautiful and smart looking appearance. Pirates they are and how sweet they talk... pirates are pirates.

Prirates here pirates there! Pirates are everywhere!

Everybody have this pirates element in each of us! How far we potray the pirate image in our daily life that depends!

Din mentioned that pirates are pirates.To my understanding, whoever they are and what disguises they wear and what methodologies they used, they are pirates.IMHO,in simplicitic defination,pirates are people who took other people's properties/assets without the owners consent.

KG said that pirate's element is in everyone of us.If this is true,then everyone of us has the potential to be a pirates-either big or small pirates.So, it is our choice and this choice will be influenced by our 'akal,qalbu and iman.(The pirate's element may be residing in our our nafs).

your son sounds smart. it's nice for father and son to have an outing like that. it makes the relationship grow. :)

Many parents prefer to give money instead of time to their kids.Some fathers prefer to be on the golf course with their business buddies instead with their family members. By the time,the fathers realised their mistakes, the kids have already grown up and started leaving the houses:-(
All relationship needs time and space.

One of the lessons I can derived from watching the movies is that even pirates will help in our mission if he has a vested interests(something to gain) from it.The other thing is that once a lady's heart is 'stolen' by someone, no money and power can buy it!

I know of a friend who had to divorce his wife(with two kids) because his wife requested 'tebus talaq'.She wanted to be married to her old lover!

omigosh! really? what a surprising story uncle. poor husband, poor children. sometimes people do stuff without thinking of the consequences that might happen. hope your friend's alright.

It is a real story!
Love,sometimes, can be very dangerous.It can be a prison or a freedom,depending on space and time.

Btw, I was informed that love is not a noun;it is a verb.

Pak Adib.. glad u enjoyed the movie :-) ..went through a personal experience recently, that love, even in a fleeting glance, could be so dasat ..*sigh* .. cinta oh cinta ...

"once a lady's heart is 'stolen' by someone, no money and power can buy it!". Very very true Abedib. A woman I am, confirm it 200%.

Hi.. i think "pirates of the caribean" is really good.. its the best film i ever seen, and i have it on movie..:)
i hope their will be a følger.
dear from trine.. please answer me

ps. where on the net can you find pictures of Jonny depp???

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