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Saturday, September 27, 2003


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All animals are equal but some are more equal than others. The question is : have we earned the right to say that we humans are more equal than pigs and orang utan? After all, pigs and orang utan enjoy the 'privilege' of not having to kill and oppress each other to survive....

Human beings and being human are totally different matter.In my humble understanding, human being is the physical nature of people but being human relates to his/her intellectual and spiritual qualities/attributes.

If we were to accept that human beings must behave in a universallly accepted code of conduct of good behaviour, then I would say that we ,the homo sapiens have earned our right to be more equal than pigs and orang utan.Otherwise, we have forfeited that right by virtue of us failing to rightly use( or throw away) our intellect and our position is lower than the animals.

Hehhe.. I remembered reading "The Pig Book" as we called it in MMU. It was scary. And now you said about it's relation with the current state of the world, I suddenly realized a fact - I am living in a scary place called world.


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