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Wednesday, August 06, 2003


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AbeDib.. so suprised that enginering student is m'sia never learn abt project mgmt. In US, during my undergrad years I do even learn abt accounting, ethics, philosophly etc... hmmm maybe u should tell yr dean friend to introduce courses like ethics in engineering etc... i 100% agree with yr concern that u told me while I was at yr place last time... does a graduate from local univ really deserve to be called graduate & ready for working life..apa yg diorang belajar 3/4 tahun... our univs realy need some revamp

Below is an email from the sponsor Dr Zaiki Awang regarding my talk at UiTM:

I wish to record our sincere appreciation for coming to deliver the
talk yesterday. The students enjoyed the talk thoroughly, I
personally found it enlightening too. It is good to hear your
experience in the corporate sector, more so coming from a civil
engineer. As you said, anything can be considered a 'project'. How
true. That is why we have to plan and execute them carefully, however
trivial they may seem.

Many thanks again, perhaps we can have more such talks in the future.


Uncle Adib,
Jangan kata budak engineering tak tau PM, saya budak management nih pun kurang pengetahuan.

Nak kena ajar saya nih :P

Please read these books:
1.Project Management for Dummies by Stanley E Portny
2.Fast Forward MBA in Project Management by Eric Verzuh.

in UM, engineering students must take all five compulsory university subjects :

Kemahiran Berfikir dan Komunikasi (GXEX 1406),
Moral dan Etika Profesyen Kejuruteraan (KXEX 2161),Ekonomi, Kewangan dan Jurutera (KXEX 2162),Pengurusan, Keusahawanan dan Jurutera (KXEX 2161),Undang-undang dan Jurutera (LXEB 3323)

To those who have little knowledge on project management,please browse and for more info.

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